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Character Bio's

Felon Whoreness


Velvet Kensington's evil/sociopathic twin, is what one would call the “black sheep” of the family. She is pure evil as indicated by her current name.


Her birth name is Violet Kensington which she changed after her family sent her to France because she was misunderstood and disliked by the rest of her family. 


She has had many stays at psychiatric wards of jails in US and France. However, she is as clever as she is evil and has escaped most highly secured places. You may have seen her kill Santa Clause on stage or impersonate Velvet to get onstage. She has been know to bite and the only friend she has is, Fred, the decapitated head.

Plain Jane


She is the younger sister of Felon Whoreness & Velvet Kensington. She was sent to a Mississippi finishing school at the young age of 10 so she would be knowledgable to the ways of the wealthy in the south. She was betrothed to a rich colonel. When she arrived at the colonel's plantation, she fell in love with his daughter and refused to marry him. 

When her family heard the news, they refused to pay her way back to England and cut her off from the family riches.


The rich colonel, who had much power in the nearby towns and neighboring plantations, took no pity on her either. He banished her from his plantation, others and surrounding towns forcing her to live in the swamps of Mississippi where she went mad. She now wanders from town to town searching for husbands and wives to play in her human rodeo.

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