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Workshops By Velvet!

Hello Everyone, I love teaching and have been for 10+ years.


Below are the descriptions of specific workshops I offer and prices. I also offer private lessons and small group lessons in act development and other topics upon request. Please inquire about rates via my contact page. 

Creating Your Burlesque Persona


Velvet uses her years of hosting experience to help future MC's make the best impression on their audiences while keeping the show going smoothly. Using movement excercises in posture and gesture, Velvet will help the burlesque performer come up with not only favorite phrases but also a physical demeanor of their hosting persona.

$20 per person and group discounts available

Make Your Twirl Whirl!


Want to learn how to twirl on your back?

Cannot find the perfect twirl?

This is the class for you. Velvet brings her years of twirling expertise to you. She will help you perfect the basics and teach new ones twirl including the bounce, shimmy and single tassel twirl.

Velvet has trained with Miss Exotic World 2011, Miss Indigo Blue and Jo "Boobs" Weldon the head mistress of the New York School of Burlesque.

For more info on Miss Indigo Blue go to

For more info on Jo "Boobs" Weldon and the NYSB go to

$20 per person and group disconts available


Keep Eyes Peeled with Glove Peels


Velvet Kensington brings her nine years of glove peeling to you in Keeping Eyes Peeled with Glove Peels. Starting with the basic glove loosening techniques, Velvet will lead you through a plethora of techniques to get those gloves off using different parts of your body. To finish off the class, a surprise peel sure to keep audiences eyes on you!


$17 per person and group discounts available

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